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Oxygen Medical Kit System

EASA Approved per STC 10077099

Compliance for Medevac Oxygen Use and Installation on Board.

Per AMC1441(b) CS25 Amd21


CEE mandatory

Directive CE 93/42 class I

Designed for On Board Medevac Operation.

Provides Oxygen assistance to Patient.

- 3250 Liters for long range and Hi flow Regulator

- 3 Face mask Outlets from 2L/min, 4L/min, 8L/min

-Oxygen standard 3 crans outlet 150L/min 

for Ventilator or incubator

- Kit fitted on Seat Track

- Easy install  Tools Less

-ATA 300 Cat 1 Transport Container


-USDOT HM224B ATA 300 Cat 1 Transport Container

  • Boeing Series

  • Airbus Series

  • Embraer Series

  • ATR Series


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aircraft oxygen medical kit
aircraft oxygen medical kit; medevac oxygen
Medevac, Seat to Seat Dreamliner, S2S B787, SEAT TO SEAT B787
*Seat to Seat Power/Data Plug and Play available for B787series
Oxygen Medical Kit; aircraft oxygen medevac;container ATA300;container US DOT; container HM224B
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